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We have multiple different tiers of pricing starting from $38500 with our Rainier Tier all the way to $99700+ with our El Capitan Tier.

Our build times are roughly 6-9 weeks long but can vary depending on how custom the design is.

You do not need to! We have partnered with local dealerships such as Ram, Mercedes, and Ford to help you find the best van at the right price.

Absolutely! We put the ‘custom’ in customer.

There are an endless amount of amenities available to include in your custom campervan, although most of them include a bed, solar, running water, and more! Perfect for living full-time on the road.

Yes! We specialize in Off-grid campervan builds, utilizing Lithium batteries, solar panels, large water tanks, and more!

Our vans run off of solar energy rather than needing to be plugged in like an RV. The Solar panels transfer electricity to our lithium batteries and then run everything at 12V with the inclusion of an inverter which will power 110V outlets.

We sure do! We can help finance the build and the van together if needed or just finance the build on its own.

You get to choose between multiple different stains, paint colors, tiles, and wood floors.

We use Havelock wool for our deluxe insulation package.

Absolutely! Most of our vans come with an outdoor shower but you can include an interior shower as well with the top 3 build tiers.

It is variable depending on package but max of 6

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on all craft work and individual warranties for equipment.

You must clean out the water tank, water purifier filter, clean solar panels, our service department can handle anything you cannot.

Yes, wherever you are, we can and will deliver.

Yes, 24-hour assistance after van delivery, and our service department is readily available for your needs.

Service department

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. Remember that if the visitor has not committed to the call to action, they may still have questions (doubts) that can be answered.

Interior Installs, Exterior Upgrades, Heating/Cooling, Partial Builds, Flooring, electrical, etc..

Absolutely! Whatever you need fixed or added to your van build, we are the one-stop shop for you.

Our service technicians are very skilled in their van building with many years of experience in this industry.

This varies from job to job but you can expect anything from a few hours of installation time to a few weeks or even longer if you need a partial build done.

We do have expertise in fixing electrical problems within campervan components but we do not work on the vehicle’s internal components.

You can visit our service center page on our website and request a service job.

Yes, after acquiring all of the information about your service request, we will provide a quote for the job before starting on it.

As of now, we have a short list, although, there are some quick fixes that we may be able to squeeze in during our day. Always reach out to us before coming in!

We are one of the only service providers in the west that is willing to service more than just our own campervans + we are the only service department that will service many different vehicle builds.