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The Best Awning for Vanlife

Thinking about van life, or maybe you already have a van conversion and need some extra shade? The Fiamma F 65 eagle automatic legless awning is a must-have. With a simple push-button operation, wind-deflective safety system, and adjustable arms, you can easily feel cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

The Fiamma F65 Eagle

If you need the best awning on the market and want to know a little more about that awning, you are in the right place.

I will break down the top 5 features of the Fiamma F 65 Eagle so you can know more about your next purchase.

  • Motorized
  • Wind detection system
  • Legless
  • LEDs
  • Shade


One of the best features of the Fiamma F 65 Eagle awning is that you do not have to crank the awning manually to pull it out. One simple touch of a button will extend your awning out and you will be lounging under the shade in no time. 

Just make sure you’re able to support the 12V that are required for the motor to run. 

Wind Detection System

We have all seen it happen before, everyone is relaxing around a campsite in perfect weather and enjoying the cool natural air while avoiding the sun with an awning. Then… the wind picks up out of nowhere and the awning flips up in the air causing mayhem and possible damage.

Problem-Solving with Automatic Closure

The Fiamma F 65 Eagle has solved this problem. The minute the awning detects strong winds, it closes itself to protect the product from damage. This feature is also excellent if you forget to close it at night or leave your campsite without closing it up. You can always have peace of mind knowing it will protect itself. 


The legless feature is the second thing that separates this awning from others. Now you do not even need to reach up and pull out the legs and tighten them to the right length. The overall convenience of this awning is astonishing.


You can opt in for an LED kit that fully integrates with the awning’s electrical system. The LED kit is perfect for nighttime routines and gatherings.

Don’t want to extend your awning all the way out just for a night light? No worries, the awning can be extended out just a few inches to turn the lights on to light up the side of your van in the dead of the night. 


What is the most important feature of this awning? Shade, of course! This awning comes in a few different sizes ranging from a 5” extension with the manually operated model all the way out to an 8’2” extension with the premium model. 

The surface area of the awning comes out to 99 square feet. This is an excellent source of shade when you are in the midst of a desert and have no trees in sight. 

Professional Installation

Do you want people to be jealous of your shady tranquility? Set up an appointment at Papago Vans and we can begin the installation as soon as possible!