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Cyan Caravan


Date of Build

Mercedes Sprinter


144 WB


Build Tier


Introducing a distinctive take on our Mammoth build tier – the Cyan Caravan. This special design has the flexibility to reintegrate a 3-seat bench after removing the front floor cabinets, catering to diverse needs. One standout feature is its heavy-duty 110V AC unit, diverging from our typical 12V systems. This powerhouse AC offers more robust cooling but demands higher electricity consumption and runs when connected to shore power, much like an RV.

Although our forte is off-grid van life, this client prioritized potent air conditioning and chose this formidable AC setup. The Cyan Caravan’s interiors are accentuated by bright white paired with a fresh natural wood stain, allowing maximum light reflection. A strategically placed side window further amplifies the airy ambiance. Complementing this luminous setting are cushions in a shade reminiscent of cyan.

The rest of this van is equipped with a 30 gallon fresh water tank and an outdoor Camplux propane shower that allows for refreshing outdoor showers out in the nature…. or in a parking lot if that’s your vibe.