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Freelancer’s Freedom Van


Date of Build

Mercedes Sprinter


170 WB


Build Tier


This Van build has it all.  We’re talking a rooftop tent, a full queen mattress, a shower, sink, and yes, even a full desk that can fit a dual monitor setup and computer. This build was tailor-made for a client who needed to blend work and wanderlust, allowing him to work remotely from anywhere.

If you’re someone who needs to stay connected on the go and dreams of bringing the kiddos along for epic adventures, this build is perfect for you. There’s even extra sleeping space up top!

And let’s not overlook the style factor. You’ll love the beautiful tile backsplash and the tough-as-nails all-terrain wheels, not to mention those sharp black rhino rims. This van is where functionality meets style, and it’s ready for you to hit the road in style!