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Pearl Voyager


Date of Build

Ram Promaster


159 WB


Build Tier


Welcome aboard the “Pearl Voyager” – our crisp, all-white Ram Promaster Campervan. Deriving from our Mammoth Build tier (beginning at $51,100), the Pearl Voyager is shaped by our client’s unique needs and desires. They opted for a discrete, indoor restroom minus the shower, perfect for short jaunts and weekend adventures.

The compact 7-gallon water tanks, serving fresh and grey water, make for effortless refills – a bonus for those not planning to live full-time in the van. Built in the spacious Ram Promaster 159 chassis, Pearl Voyager comfortably sleeps width-wise without requiring side flares.

Beyond the essentials, this van packs a microwave and an innovative E-track rail system, ensuring your extra items stay securely stored during transit. So, whether you’re a weekend wanderer or love the occasional getaway, the Pearl Voyager is ready for the journey!