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Sunset Cruiser Van


Date of Build

Ram Promaster


159 WB


Build Tier


Crafted with a focus on providing plenty of storage, this Mammoth Build tier is a haven for those who love to keep things organized. Instead of an indoor shower, this tier liberates additional room, allowing for an abundance of cabinets. Built upon the sleek, glossy-gray base of a Ram Promaster, this campervan is a stunner.

To ensure you’re never out of power, this build is equipped with a robust 300W solar system. It juices up a massive 400Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery bank, keeping your appliances running smoothly.

Although the Mammoth tier doesn’t come with an AC unit, don’t worry about staying cool. The van includes a duo of Maxx Air Fans, working in harmony to create a gentle, refreshing breeze throughout the space.

As for showers, we’ve got you covered—outdoors! An external shower feature is included for a quick and invigorating rinse under the open sky. With the Mammoth build tier, you can truly embrace the spirit of van life!