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6 Reasons to Use Havelock Wool in a Van Conversion

Wool Insulation | All Natural & High-Performance | Havelock Wool

Have you found yourself in the early stages of your van build and need help deciding on the best insulation for your walls? Here at Papago Vans, we have built many different styles of vans for people in all types of climates—from Arizona summers to Colorado winters. We recommend using Havelock Wool insulation, no matter the climate circumstance.  

What Is Havelock Wool? 

First time hearing of Havelock Wool? Havelock is a sustainably sourced sheep’s wool from New Zealand. Sheep wool is biodegradable and compostable, which is a huge plus compared to most other insulators on the market. The wool is turned into insulation that can be used in your vans.  Here are six main reasons why we choose Havelock Wool for all our insulation needs over any other type of insulation:

  • Filters air 
  • Moisture management 
  • Sound absorption 
  • Renewable and sustainable 
  • R-Value 
  • Reduction of mold and mildew   

Filters Air 

When considering other insulators, you must consider the off-gassing that comes from the insulation. The best part about sheep wool is that it is obviously a natural material that is not made of chemicals and, therefore, has no off-gassing at all. Insulators such as spray foam are made of chemical compounds that essentially do a really good job insulating, although they have a major downside of producing an unnatural gas when heated up by the blazing sun.  

In addition to not putting off harmful gasses, Havelock Wool also absorbs toxins. This unique quality helps keep the air cleaner inside the van. 

Moisture Management 

Wool has the natural ability to absorb moisture and then release it when the climate changes. This allows sheep to bring moisture in when they need cooling and release it when they need warmth.   

Sheep wool is made up of many fibers that are extremely effective at trapping air, moisture, and harmful chemicals which ultimately help vans stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Sound Absorption 

Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) is the way in which materials are graded on their ability to reduce sound. The higher the rating, the better the sound absorption. Havelock Wool has an NRC of 90%, which beats most other insulators on the market.

Although other brands have a better NRC, Havelock Wool excels in all the other important areas, such as R-value and sustainability. 

Renewable and Sustainable 

Unlike many other insulators on the market, wool is completely biodegradable. After many years, wool can break down and fertilize the soil. 

Sheep have been perfecting their wool coats for thousands of years. Better to choose them over a chemical product that has been short-lived and was designed in a lab.


The R-value is the most important way to measure insulation products. The R refers to the resistance to heat flow. So, the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating ability. Havelock Wool sits at R3.6 per inch of wool. Fiberglass insulation is only about R3.1-3.4 per inch. 

The R-value can be ruined by moisture, but as mentioned before, wool wicks that moisture away which helps it maintain a consistent R-value. 

Reduction of Mold and Mildew 

What happens when your van’s walls develop condensation? Unfortunately, condensation leads directly to mold and mildew if you have improper materials installed between your walls.  

A lot of people think too much about dampening the road noise and not enough about one of the biggest problems that arise from improper insulation—mold and mildew. These problems derive from condensation having no way to escape.

Havelock Wool is a great material for reducing this problem drastically because it is a protein-based keratin that is naturally antimicrobial. 

Need Professional Help?

Before you begin stuffing your van full of wool, be sure to visit Havelock Wool’s website for a better understanding of how to properly install. Additionally, YouTube university is always the next best thing.

If you decide this is all too much for you to handle on your own, give Papago Vans a call today and we can do it for you!